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Top Keyword Searches

When in blogging doubt, you either:

a) do one of those blog tag Q&A sessions; or b) share some of the weird and wonderful things that people have typed into Google to get to your blog.

So today, I’m opting for b).

It’s so self-absorbed (but then again, what blog isn’t?) I almost kill me.

Top 3 Weird Search Engine Thingies that People Used to Find My Little Ole Blog This Month

stuff the nostrils of mummies Umm….I hope this is just some Egyptian research assignment. Otherwise kids these days are far worse than I thought.

walking mummy emoticon Let me know if you found it, won’t you? I’d love a copy.

And finally…


Yeah? Well when was the last time she made you wipe her bum and dish up a continental breakfast afterwards? Huh? HUH?!!!! Do that, sugar, and then you can pop “I loathe, detest and resent my mother as though she were Paris Hilton’s black roots (the hair kind)” into Google, and I will tip my hat. But until then…I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the fact you typed in ‘I hate mummy’ or the fact that it led you to me.


Oh, and you know, welcome to my blog and all that…

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