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Tonight’s the Night!

Or tomorrow, really for you guys wanting to tune in for the final episode EVER of The Glass House. But tonight’s the recording of the show – my excitement at it being an apparently glam affair is tempered somewhat by the realisation that even if I had more glam stuff in my wardrobe, I have neglected to pack it.

So…time to get creative.

Yesterday comprised an early start for more up-to-date headline writing, followed by some more story stuff – then the more fun part: the read-through of the first draft. Basically this involved all the writers, the producers & Wil Anderson sitting round a table in a tiny room to – funnily enough – read through the script. We then went through it again, with Wil shortlisting his favourite gags, which will make it through to the next draft. Just like Idol really.

Personally, while only a very small portion of my jokes got into the script (I guess a given, seeing as I’ve written a good 20 A4 pages of one-liners this week), the upside was that of the jokes I wrote, Wil selected almost all of them to go through to the next round! So all in all I’m pretty stoked.

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