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Toddlers and other bits of grist for the mill

I’ve been running Toddler Tuesdays this month at my local art gallery and I must tell you, I get ten times more nervous about working with a room full of toddlers than any stand-up gig. This is because:

a) Kids are NEVER afraid to heckle; and

b) When toddlers do heckle, not only do you possess neither the microphone or the permission of the audience to put said heckler in their place, but you have to be nice. Not that I’ve been heckled yet. But I always get nervous that I might be. So there you go, moan, moan, moan and all about nothing. Overall I’ve actually been really enjoying it – the kids are mostly really cute and this morning I even got to meet a little girl with a teddy bear named Buffy. Now THAT is cool.

And…the interview with ABC radio was rather enjoyable (even if I did have to organise to do it by phone at the last minute when my child-minding options went down the metaphorical toilet). My sister taped it for me so eventually I’ll get around to transcribing it and pop it up on me ole’ website for all of you to read (except for Aussie in the Orient, who lives in China where my website is apparently banned. Rock on Wyntertainment!!! Offending communists since 1979…)

I even got a phonecall straight after the interview from Kelly Devine-Higgins, asking if she could get me into the studio again for a follow-up interview once I get back in August.

So rocka rocka RAR!!! (Sorry, that used to be a cool war-cry. I’ve gotta stop living in the past…)

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