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Today’s Headlines

It’s Monday morning, there’s by far the most snow here that I’ve seen thus far (can you say ‘let’s shovel out the car’?) and I’m about to take my little tike ice-skating.

How’s that for officially updating?

The latest:

– I FINALLY got my butt down to train with Loose Moose Theatre on Saturday and in a word (or more specifically, 5): it was worth the wait! The group seems to be pretty varied in its make-up but with one uniting factor: positivity!

– I’m doing a spot down at Yuk Yuk’s tomorrow night. Chookas to me.

– The kids are fully recovered and enjoying life again. They are also DESPERATE to get a Christmas tree up, so looks like that’s on the agenda for this afternoon.

– And I miss my Mum.

Zat is all.

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