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To all the friends I’ve never met before

…who ARE you?

Seriously? Apart from a sizeable handful of gems (you know who you are!) I have absolutely no idea who reads this blog – though I know where you live – *said in a very un-stalkerly tone of voice* and it’s lately started to bug me a bit. Not in a bad way, just in a ‘I’m writing these little letters to penfriends who I don’t even know and now not only is my curiosity getting the better of me, but it freaks me out a little bit to realise that I probably communicate more with you guys through this blog than I communicate with my IRL friends yet I hardly know you and I really want to fix that!’ kinda way.

You know. That kinda bugging.

Anyway, I read on Rockstar Mommy a couple of months ago that it was apparently ‘National Delurker Day’ i.e. that people who regularly checked out the blog but didn’t comment had to delurk and post something. Anyone could do it on their blog, but I didn’t really think to take up the day’s offering, namely cos I didn’t really think I had regular lurkers anyway. But then lately I’ve realised that you are out there! And don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like we’ve been at the same party for a while, seen each other around but I don’t actually have a clue who you are.

So…*joyous hug/appropriate kiss/respectful handshake/mutual hip bang*


And now, seriously:

Who are YOU?

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