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Tix now on sale for Adelaide Fringe & Melbourne International Comedy Fest

It’s a happening!

I am out of Woodford and back to reality, reality in this case, meaning in the thick of logistical planning for what is to become two of the busiest damn months of my life. I am taking my beloved “An Unexpected Variety Show” on tour, you see (did I tell you that BOB and BLANCHE HAWKE came to see the show at Woodford by the way? I am so spun out by that, he was Prime Minister of Oz when I was but a tender blossom in grade 4 with aspirations to one day take over his very position and become the first female PM of this fair land. Sigh).

Oh and full disclosure: I believe Bob did leave my show shortly after getting Blanche settled so he could go find a beer, my venue at Woody sadly only serving cocktails and the like. The TRAVESTY! But he did see my full bit in the Great Debate, shortly thereafter shaking my hand. I am still slightly coming down from that one.

Anyhoo, point is, tour. It’s a-coming. A full month in Adelaide (with two of my darling kiddies, plus an au-pair, while kiddy number three gets to have rare one-on-one time with Papa Bear), followed closely by two weeks at the marvellous Butterfly Club in Melbourne for Comedy Fest. It’s gonna be JAWSOME. And exhausting. And jawsome.

And…tix are now on sale!

Adelaide Fringe tix for my show are available here – oh and as a bonus, my first two shows here are FREE, FREE, FREE! That is, the shows on 25th and 26th February, but you really DO need to book, I am assuming (and hoping, naturally) that these first two shows will “sell out” in that “free ticket” kinda way.

I am so excited, yet overwhelmed by all that must be done between now and then to do my bestest to ensure bums on seats. As my Cabaret Fringe AND Melbourne Fringe experiences taught me, sometimes having a show you believe in, indeed, even if it gets recognised with an award, is not necessarily enough. There ain’t no “if you build it, they will come” when it comes to putting on a show without the public profile that comes with TV. And there’s no point feeling entitled or whinging about it. You gotta put in the work to get the people and hope that a bit of luck goes your way.

Either way it pans out, it shall surely make for some nice solid blog blather.

Here’s hopin!


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