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Three Cool Things

1. I have entered the world of education, dear friends, in the form of an improv workshop (part of the deal with the grant) whereby I’m sharing heaps of the stuff I learned in the US with my fellow comics, improvisers and other interested parties. And…I’m LOVING it! It’s so awesome to work with people who want to be there. Plus I’ve realised that on top of all the stuff I learned improv wise in the states, I’ve also learned a ton about how to actually teach it. Bonus? I think so. 2. My review of 31 Circus Acts in 30 minutes is online here (under the “Theatre” section).

3. My reviews of Michael Pollock’s musical improv books are online here. Yes they’re gushy, but hey, every word is true. What can I say? The guy is my hero. So…nyahdinyahdinyahnyah.

I used to be a little ambivalent about Saturdays, but now I think they rock.

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