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Things that are hard to understand #173 – Fans

Josh Thomas, a darn good chummy of mine (and last year’s National Raw Comedy Winner, for those of you who don’t know) and I had a conversation not that long ago that went something like this…

Me: “I got an e-mail yesterday from this woman who sounded like she knew me, but I have no idea who it was.”

Josh: “Have you met her?”

Me: “I don’t think so. I think she might have come to Livewired last week.”

Josh: “Oh! So it’s a fan.”

Me: “A fan? Huh?”

A moment of looking bemused.

Me: “Well, yeah I guess it was.”

It’s so bizarre to wrap one’s head around the concept of having fans. Not in a ‘oh WOW man, I like…am totally popular’ (I hardly have the numbers to start up the Wynterland of Love Club) but it just spins me out even to have a couple…well, apparently 338 of them if Myspace’s Comedian Stats are to be believed. And if they are, well then I’m truly excited – if only cos I know there’s less than 338 people in my family.

Joshy, on the other hand, didn’t seem even the slightest bit surprised about the whole concept – I can’t believe he’s so young and yet so darn professionalised. Spin. Out. I’m just waiting for him to release his great cathartic comedy record in a few years time about his battle wounds from blitzing the comedy scene so young:

“God help me…I was only nineteen.”

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