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The Upside of All This Fundraising Angst

Gathering prizes, trying to plug upcoming fundraiser gigs, running pizza nights…

I feel like pizza tonight!

The kidlets took HUGE pleasure in handing out pizzas, taking the $$, inhaling cheese…

As crazy busy as things are, as many knots as I’m tying myself in trying to sort out the bazillion details, as many moments as I have to force myself to take a breath and just trust that things are actually gonna work out and that I AM gonna make the $10,000 deadline within the next two weeks, one thing is for sure.

Putting my efforts towards something that is an incredibly worthy cause – something that is not in any way ME ME ME (well, you know, aside from the whole strutting-my-hammy-stuff-in-front-of-TV-cameras part) – but doing my thang for something which is so undeniably good and needed in the world?


Fundraising page is here.

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