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The Story Behind Our Poster (or…”I have always depended on the kindness of cyber-strange

My new hair! I'm not sure if my kids' shock was because of the hair or the fact that I was not burning dinner.

Man oh man I’m sorry I’ve been so damn busy of late and thus the blog – like the poor neglected little fourth child of the house that it is – has been designated the leftovers.

But I still love you little one! Oh yes I do! Coochy-coochy-coo! Here, have some sugar and we’ll call it even.

Anyway, I want to share with you the story behind our Gumball Theatre poster (below).

There we were, Team Gumball, trying to come up with a poster image, when all of a sudden I get a message in my inbox. Rebecca from A Green Cow had seen the sneak peek publicity photos I’d popped up, and not even half an hour later had whipped up her own special brand of magic and sent this through!

We were all completely gobsmacked – given that I haven’t even met Bec in real life yet (though we’ve chatted enough to feel like we have) – this generosity and general display of awesomeness just added such a magical touch to the whole Gumball Theatre thing. Because what I know for sure, is that whether it shines gloriously or fails gloriously, this will be a chapter of my life worth remembering.

Love it. Thanks so much Bec. xx

P.S. Rehearsals for the launch are going full-steam ahead and I’m so stoked with how it’s all coming along. The last two in particular have had my stomach hurting at the end – and not because they’ve punched me. Laughing my butt off and falling in love with improv all over again – a good sign, methinks!

P.P.S The very awesome folk at Frank Team have profiled me in their latest issue of the e-mag Ignite! YAY for my ego!

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