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The Saskatchewan Tour: a photoshoppy debrief

Driving through Saskatchewan is certainly an experience. A rocking experience. If, by ‘rocking’, you mean staring at this for twelve hours straight:

Minus the pink writing. Yes, that’s right. One long un-bending road and an infinite supply of wheat fields. Titillating.

Then of course there are the en-route diners with their matter-of-fact service standards.

Then there are the pleasant surprises: Saskatoon was very quaint and picturesque, I dug it and upon arrival, took myself on a little getting-to-know-you / reintroducing my legs to circulation type walk.

It was pleasant. Backed by the ego trip of finally seeing your name up in – well, not so much lights as big black letters – for the first time.

Then of course, there’s the ridiculous buzz of adrenaline pumping and whatever the rocket fuel Red Bull equivalent is that you ingest JUST before a gig, only to have it backfire when you cannot get to sleep til 2 in the morning, despite knowing that you have to rise in only a few hours to head back home again.

But then, oh yes then…there is the elation and returning to the excited fam, and of course the sleep deprived delerium that leads to a compulsion to stuff around with photoshop so you can blog about it.

Weird Stuff.

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