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The Next Comedy Tour: with family in tow

I just realised that I haven’t even told you about the next crazy adventure that’s coming up – in mid-November, the entire family (that’s right, Tim, me, the kids and our sleep deprivation) are going on the road for the next wacked out comedy tour.


Whether that’s a scream of excitement or horror, only time will tell.

Our ultimate destination is Sydney – namely cos I’m doing a writing internship on The Glasshouse plus some stand-up gigs – but we will be pacing ourselves with stops and shows at Nimbin (where I’m performing again at the Blue Moon Cabaret), Byron Bay, Bangalow, Forster and wherever else a gig might stick its sweet little head up along the way.

Three things are for sure:

1. It will be madness. 2. It will be unpredictable. 3. It will be blogged.

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