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The good, the bad and the rest.

Our first visitors!!!!! Ash and Leon, our darling mates from Oz are here for a wee (please don’t stop reading there…I do hate things being taken out of context) stopover en route back to Oz, after having spent the past couple of years doing the UK thang.


Tonight had a really tough corporate gig – on the downside, the crowd of 700+ young ski-season workers were rather over-hyped and WAY too far in party mode to want to pay attention to some weird Aussie lady strutting onstage (the entire ball-room and I kid you not, basically continued to buzz through my entire set), while on the upside I took comfort in my dear mate Fiona McGary’s thoughts on corporates (“If you even get a couple of laughs out of it you’re doing great. They suck, that’s why they pay so well.”) and didn’t take it personally.

Plus I survived the incredibly snowy drive home.


Tomorrow: missions include hair-cuts for the kiddlies and Ash, then snowboarding, then heading to Calgary to do a gig at Yuk Yuk’s.


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