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The Defence Rests

“I thought you’d quit comedy, that’s what I read on your blog,” said Josh.

“Yeah, well I did,” I said, “but…um….er….”


For those of you who were wondering the same thing (and I’m sure there must be at least three of you, but hey…apparently that’s my critical mass) I thought I might take this opportunity to explain myself. And in bullet point form, no less.

  1. Believe it or not, I actually have cut down heaps on the number of gigs I’ve been doing. If you compare my gig-life now (haha, ‘gig-life’, sorry I think I just turned 13 again) to my gig-life pre-break, then you would plainly see, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that there’s been a serious improvement.

  2. I never said I was divorcing comedy, just taking a break. Admittedly, it seems to have been one of those break-ups where you just can’t help yourselves from continually hooking up (and it’s even more fun doing so as you’ve got the heightened naughty factor of knowing that you shouldn’t be), but…it’s been a break nonetheless.

  3. It’s still spinning me out big-time that it was only just as I let go of comedy (i.e. as the centre of my universe) that I landed the hugest career break of my life – the grant. But short of saying ‘oh sorry, no, I can’t fly to America and study with some of the best comedy people in the world cos me and comedy: we’re on a break!‘ my take on this is that I’m happy it’s happened (duh) when it’s happened, because now I’ll approach it in a way that looks after my family better. Cos, as I’ve recently realised…*cue Hokey Pokey music* …that’s what it’s all about! Hey!

So there. I feel suitably defended.

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