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The debut

I had a moment last night, right as my lovely stage-manager Shelly said “One minute to go, Jen,” where I actually thought “Why am I doing this to myself?”

I still haven’t found an answer, except maybe the adrenalin rush…let’s just hope I don’t build up an immunity. Anyway, the show went great as far as debuts go – had lots of fun, got lots of lovely feedback and sweated up a storm (I have GOT to get fit if I’m going to continue doing this stuff!) and apart from the fact that about forty people who RSVPd didn’t show up – it was a really lovely rocking night.

I had fun, learned a lot about bits that work and bits that don’t, and premiered three new characters, one of which (Beatta, the performance artist from New York) was so overwhelmingly popular that I was a little taken aback – I should mention that up until last week she was actually a Moscowian absurdist artist who was going to perform a Russian hoe-down, and in fact I was a little concerned that such an antagonistic persona might actually turn people off her.

Mrs Sorenson went down well too – I was really nervous about her making her on-stage debut too. She’s become something of a cult figure on The Frog and Peach on ZZZ, thus I worried that anyone who did listen to the show might be a bit put-off by how different she looks from what they’d imagined in their head. But as soon as I stepped into her, she just took on a life of her own (as she does) and that actually became one of my favourite segments of the show.

Plus of course, I had lots of beautiful friends, loved ones and other supporters who came to share the love. Thanks you guys!

Bottom line: I had lots of fun, and thanks to a no-doze and two red-bulls I stayed up til the wee hours dissecting the entire thing with Timmy. The next show’s going to be a heap tighter, that’s for sure.

Oh and now I can now FINALLY acquit my grant! WOOT!

*Thanks to everybody who helped make this happen – way too many to mention but especially to BrizImprovFest. It’s June 22-24 @ Metro Arts and it is going to ROCK!

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