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The Comic Mummy Turns 250!

Haha, sorry I couldn’t resist.

The rate I’ve been blogging since moving the blog here (which, might I add, wasn’t even a year ago), there’s almost been a birthday every week. I feel like one of those women from the last century who had 17 kids. Actually no, not quite that bad. My uterus, at last check, was still inside my body. Anyhooo……I shouldn’t joke about such things, lest comedy karma comes back to bite me in the ass. Or the uterus. Or whatever.

I’m in a bit of a strange mood. To update y’all:

– we’re still homeless, looking for a temporary and cheap abode; – we’re still enjoying the novelty of this. Stay tuned though – once we have to start milking stray cats to fill up the bowl of homebrand cornflakes, things could be different; HOWEVER – more excitingly, the entire family is going to be heading overseas in the middle of this year!!! We’ve been talking about this for ages, and having just packed up the house and with the kids not yet legally required to be in school, figure there’s probably not going to be a better time to do this. Originally we were going to do Canada, but job opportunities for Tim are so much better in the UK, so looks like that’s the plan. Go over, I’ll do my show at Edinburgh Fringe Fest in August and then hang round for six months or so with Tim teaching and me gigging and hopefully getting the odd travel trip to Europe in between.

But for now…scrimping, saving and savouring sunny weather and happy friends.

Poverty-stricken or no, life rocks.

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