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The Comic Mummy’s 101st Post!

Haha, just kidding. I could go on forever like this, you know.

So…some lovely things that have happened of late:

– I’ve discovered an affinity with Winona Ryder and Michael Jackson (amongst others), by becoming strangely reliant on pain-killers this weekend. Yes, I’m happy to report that my back now feels fine, but my mind? Off with the dozens of sparkly little fairies, dancing around the equator of my noggin! Which kinda sucks, but…hey, I’m determined to milk anything even bordering on addiction for all it’s worth: I need the street-cred.

– I’m meeting some lovely people on MySpace (though this is probably going to be my next addiction: man I am getting soooo washed up.)

– I’ve almost finished organising the major parts of the US trip. Now I’m starting to get scared. But you know, scared in a lovely kinda way.

And finally…

– We’ve booked a family holiday!! As of tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be heading down to some rainforest somewhere and staying in a ready-made tent. That’s all I know and that’s all I need to know. And that it’ll just be the four of us…ahhhh. (That might be an ‘ahhhh’ of relaxation or an ‘ahhhh’ of terror: only time will tell). So forgive my lack of blogging in the mean-time (unless the addiction truly takes hold in which case Tim will no doubt set each of the kids on me – one per leg – and threaten me with Vin Diesel movies to put me in my place).

But it surely won’t get that bad. We’ll only be gone for two days, so please. Calm yourself.

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