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The b’day party that ended in stitches

Well, almost.

After a near perfect day, including the morning spent at the fanchasmic Canmore Children’s Festival, then the afternoon (otherwise known as Cay’s b’day party) spent frolicking on waterslides in Banff, it concluded with the birthday boy slipping on a top step and inflicting a nasty cut on his eye.

Poor little dude.

Luckily, we had this to distract/compensate with:

Please note: I’m only proud of this because:

a) I am SOOO crap at doing the cake thing.


b) Cay is particularly pedantic and when he asked for a Batman cake and I could find no black icing in a 100km radius of Canmore, I was completely and utterly resigned to the fact that no matter what I did, he’d pull a Donald Trump on me at the presentation of my assignment.

But he loved it. And coming from a newly-4-year-old with a cut to the eye and a birthday perogative to cry if he wants to, that’s sayin something.


PS Thanks to Girl Clumsy for the icing advice!

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