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The Adventure Begins

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Oh my Bowie. Oh my Bowie. Oh my Bowie.

In a little over 24 hours I’ll be heading on the trip of a freaking lifetime.

After de-jetlagging in London and Paris (yeah right…I’m sure I’ll be sleeping A LOT) I’m heading to Marseille to take part in this amazing writing residency which I had the tremendous fortune of winning my place in earlier this year at Melbourne Web Fest. I’ll be working on developing “Viking Mama” as a web TV series, after which I’ll be returning to pitch it in full to the ABC.

Mama mia.

I’m told that the day we arrive we’re being escorted to a huge party in Cannes, where MIPCOM, another massive festival, is apparently taking place. (Note: Kiefer Sutherland is the keynote speaker. I’ve got a secret wish to track him down and tell him how I think he was robbed of an Oscar for his part in Zoolander 2. If the opportunity does indeed present itself, there will be no stopping me.)

I’ve never even set foot near Europe yet, so you can imagine my growing fear of developing deep imploding-mind thrombosis on the plane.

Did I say oh my Bowie yet?

Last time I was in NYC this happened. Sky’s the limit this time!

Then off to New York City for a week of workshops and mentoring in solo improvised cabaret with Jason Kravits and Ashley England (to develop my next major live performance project for 2017…more on that soon!) as well as some workshops in improvised hip hop – thanks in no small part to support from the Regional Arts Development Fund and PPCA’s Performers’ Trust Foundation.

Oh, and, yes, I’m doing a show at the United Solo Festival.


In between I’ll be seeing as many musical improv, cabaret and comedy shows as one can humanly expect to fit in.

I may implode.

It’s nice to get excited because up to this point I’ve been quite a bundle of nerves trying to get everything prepped for leaving the munchkins. Since I stopped doing monthly cruises (specifically so I WOULDN’T have to be away from them regularly), this will be the longest I’ve been away from them in almost two and a half years. We’ve got an absolute kick-ass nanny coming to stay, plus support from my sister and fam, plus favours from amazing school mums with pick ups and drop offs, my auntie is popping in for a weekend to come hang out also – how amazing is community, seriously?! It will all be good, I’m sure, but you know…leaving the kids to be on the other side of the world does make me feel a little unhinged. It’s okay. I’ve budgeted for “buying back their love.”

I’m going to be blogging of course as much as I humanly can, likely video blogging as well and who knows, perhaps I’ll also finally try out whatever this Facebook live fuss is all about?

Bottom line: for the next couple of weeks, life is getting SERIOUSLY CRAY CRAY.

Join me for the adventure?


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