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Thank You

In 2011, I did my very first #Fringe Festival show at #Melbourne.

I knew next to nobody there, but that didn't stop me (and neither did my ignorance).

With a ludicrously small amount of cash, I ventured forth with my toddler in tow, to try to make some magic happen. AND... I couldn't afford to transport my keyboard. Which, given the show is a #cabaret where I accompany myself, was quite the logistical quandary.

Then two great things happened:

1) a local music store agreed to donate the use of one of their amazing keyboards for the duration of my run.

2) a stranger I knew only via our blogs on the internet (remember blogs?) put her hand up immediately to go and collect it for me, when I posted that I had no way to get it to the theatre.

This stranger SAVED MY BUTT.

This stranger - now friend - is Rebecca.

She has gone on to be one of my hugest supporters. When the Pandemic hit, she was the first person to get in touch and ask for my bank details.

She sends me ideas for sketches, songs and online silliness I can do. She even let me know when I'd just released a podcast episode that had the intro at the end! (I'm blaming "Toots" for that one.)

Seriously, it's almost ridiculous how incredibly #supportive one human being can be to somebody they barely know.

Anyway, I want to honour the incredible people who get behind artists and give us the #encouragement and juju and boost to keep doing what we do, especially when the going gets tough. Who do you have in your corner? Who has your back? And who do you get behind?

Thanks Bec. You're a bloody gem.

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