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Tell me what you want, what you really really want…

Am I being too long-winded? Is this just self-indulgent crap? Am I related to Mariah Carey?

So I’m asking (yes, again, dig it!) for help. I want, no NEED(!) to know why you read this blog. Because I sure as hell have no idea.

Let me be more specific. Do you want to see more or less of: – mummy stuff – comedy stuff (i.e. career related) – comedy writing (just stupid blather on whatever) – episodes of my life written in film style (like here) – video entries – Paris Hilton

…or should I just shut up, accept that I’m a neurotic people-pleaser and continue to dwell in my chaotic bloggy clutter.

Comment with reckless abandon, or e-mail me.

Zig a zig aaaah…

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