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Sydney Parking

What’s a girl to do?

As you well know, we’re driving the entire family down to Sydney (with some timely gigs and sanity stops along the way) but already the dilemma has arisen: what to do with the CAR?!

That is, we’re staying with my auntie in Glebe, which, last time I stayed there, greeted every street-parked car with a smashed in windscreen and a coat of graffiti. Now, now that I’m not into turning everyday items into works of art (this is how I justify the horrific state of my house), but…I would like the option of being actually able to transport the family home after all the Sydney stuff is said and done.

So…I’m turning to you, my blogging buddies! Should we:

a) resign ourselves to circumstance, park there anyway and hope for the best;

b) smash the windscreens and paint up the car ourselves, in a cunning tactic of reverse psychology (or mechanical homeopathy, depending on how you look at it);

c) fork out hefty dollars for an actual safe car-park;

d) cancel the tour and drive to Cairns;

e) other.

Oh, by the way, if you have any actual legitimate way of helping us out with this dilemma, please do drop me a line at Ta.

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