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Super Fans

This is Rebecca. We met online five zillion years ago when she followed my blog (remember when blogs were a thing? Nope? Me neither.)

We finally met in real life in 2011 when she not only came to see my Melbourne Fringe show, but blindly volunteered to collect a keyboard for me. That’s right, the first time we actually met she was doing me a favour.

So last week not only did Rebecca create a swag of badges from the image of me popping out of an avocado (!!!!!!!) but then she messaged me that she was going to drive FROM ADELAIDE to come see Saturday’s Funny Mummies show. I mean. Seriously.

And so she did and we met for the second time ever.

AND… she brought along a hot tonne of sausage rolls AND cookies she’d baked from scratch, AND tomato sauce (for the sausage rolls though I’m sure she wouldn’t judge me for putting it wherever) AND the badges AND a pair of socks covered in avocados. I’m probably even forgetting something she gave me because I was that showered in gifts.

I know Facebook can be a little generous with handing out “Top Fan” badges but I’m pretty sure Bec’s position is guaranteed for life.

How good can people be?!!!!!

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