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Some shameless plugs

Firstly, the Blogging Chicks Carnival is on! Honestly, the more I delve into the delights of the blogosphere, the further removed my brain becomes from my body.

Secondly, may I present my first ever (and possibly the last) special offer on the Comic Mummy blog. That’s right: (you have to say ‘that’s right’ in any promotion, don’t you?) if you live in Brisbane and are looking to fill this Wednesday night with merriment, mirth and me (not necessarily in that order, nor indeed are these things necessarily even related at all) then come along to Wednesday Night Live!

Okay Jen, you say, but where’s the special offer? Haha, you little Einstein you. Drop me a line and I’ll send you a 2-4-1 voucher. Two tickets, one entry fee. Exclusive to friends of the Comic Mummy! (Well, no, it’s not really, but that just sounds so much better, doesn’t it?)

But yes, 2-4-1 tickets: get’em fast. If that’s not cool, then neither is spandex. So there.

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