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Say Goodbye to The Big Red PM & the Big Red Cast!

This week, at the exact moment that Australia was shedding its current Prime Minister, (well, okay, the exact half-hour bracket, but now who’s being picky), my littlest bundle of comicness – otherwise known as Cassidy – was shedding its current full-leg cast.

I know, poetry in motion.

But wait, there’s more!

A follow-up x-ray showed that while things are definitely progressing in the right direction, his leg still hasn’t completely healed. Thus, back down to the plaster room (or as they’ve christened it at the Children’s Hospital, the “Flipper Repair Shop”) for another round of goodness, only this time, it’s different! Namely because it’s:

– blue; and – shorter!

And so it was that Cassidy received his brand new shiny cast at the exact moment (yeah, yeah, alright…) that Australia received its brand new shiny PM.

Are these moments in life not worth singing about? Jumping over? Or failing that…


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