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Sarah Silverman versus Britney Spears

Okay, so the hot rumour round the mill is that Britney’s very half-hearted performance last night was, in fact, a result of her being angry as hell from hearing that comedian host Sarah Silverman was going to use her monologue to take the piss out of her kids.

As a mother and a comedian myself, I have two thoughts on this.

As a mother: my kids are the one thing that I am super-sensitive about. I love them more than anything and would force-feed Celine Dion and Mariah Carey duets to anyone who dared to hurt them in any way. If Sarah Silverman was gonna crack funnies (or cruel unfunnies) about my little tykes, would I be mad as hell? For sure.


As a performer: my job is to be professional and that means giving 100% all of the time, REGARDLESS of what is going on behind the scenes. Whether Sarah Silverman’s comments were called for or not, is kinda beside the point. If Britney had simply put her anger aside for the duration of her performance and pulled out a ripper show, then Sarah would have been the one looking like a loser. But my guess is that more people are directing their wrath at Brit-Brit than Sarah, for letting it ruin (if indeed, that was the reason!) her much hyped comeback gig.

Ask any professional performer and they’ll be able to tell you of a time they’ve had to strut their stuff when it’s been the last thing in the world they’ve felt like doing. I can tell you myself, the hands-down hardest gig I’ve ever had to do was earlier this year, two nights after finding out that my dear friend had suddenly died. But I, like the many other comedians who knew this dear man, just got on with it. Because we had to. That’s the deal. It sucks, but they don’t say “the show must go on” for nothing!

For Britney to sulk all the way through her performance is quite simply, childish, selfish and symptomatic of an amateur.

Gimme more!

*Update: if you haven’t already seen the traffic-wreck, here is it…

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