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Riding the wave

So it looks like things are really starting to happen. At least, I hope so – I’m touching wood right now, a wondrous feat given that my hands are otherwise occupied on the keyboard.

This week for instance, I’ve been:

– contacted by a woman who saw me perform a little while back MCing the lovely Jody Ekert’s show, and subsequently booked me to do some stand-up at a charity fundraiser;

– booked for my first corporate MCing gig (one which I hope will be the first of many!) for a women in business luncheon;

– contacted WAY in advance about performing at a comedy festival in Northern NSW in February (where, all things working out perfectly, I may combine some cool support spots with some MC spots with a comedy debate: I’m crossing every appendage I own);

– confirming performing at Woodford Folk Festival (where I cannot WAIT to get down and dirty with the hippies! In a comedic sense naturally. Ehem);

– approached by a guy who does entertainment bookings, who, after tonight’s gig, handed me his card and asked me to call him if I’m interested in doing more corporate stuff;

– plus more cool stuff I’m equally excited but too tired to write about.

It’s just so nice to feel like after SLOGGING MY BUTT OFF for so long (sorry, but just thinking about how much hard work has gone into the past couple of years makes me want to yell, or failing that at least type with my caps-lock on) that it finally seems to be paying off. It feels like I’ve been paddling, paddling, paddling…all to try and get up on the board, and finally the momentum has just kicked in so I can just ease off a bit on the hard-core pushing and just go with the flow for a bit and ride the wave. Not that I plan to slacken off completely…but just…well, it’s nice to let things happen for a change. Believe me, that’s a concept I really struggle with!

Before I collapse in a heap, I must mention one of the most unexpected yet flattering compliments I received from a ‘fan’ (yes, I’m still getting used to the concept but kinda enjoying it, I must admit) after tonight’s gig at Uber. Her name was Tennille and the words that spewed forth from her lips were as follows:

Oh my God! I love you! And…I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I totally want to have your babies!!!

So long as you’re on nappy duty…

And on that fine note: goodnight.

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