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Rename the Comic Mummy blog!

Okay folks, I’ve been racking my brain for ages (seriously, the minutes have hit double digits) trying to find a fabulous new name for the Canadian adventures of the Comic Mummy blog. But thus far, no booty.

Sooo….I’m taking it to the streets! Please suggest away in the comments section, think funny, un-funny, whatever you like, but some reference to Canada would be very cool. No pun intended.

And the winner will not walk away empty-handed! If I choose your suggestion as the re-named Comic Mummy blog, you will receive:

– the honour of naming a blog (okay, okay, so you could achieve this simply by starting your own blog – if indeed you haven’t done so already – but hey, where’s your sense of spirit?)

– and six ribbons to tie up your hair.

How can you refuse??? Let them roll henceforth.

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