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Rejection and disjointed ramblings

So…I finally got an email back from LA Comedy Festival and da-da-da-da! Rejection. Dangedy dang dang. Sometimes I feel so frustrated with myself for letting stuff like that get me down even when I’ve had so many awesome things happen lately. But I guess that is the nature of this beast. You put yourself out there – you’re gonna get rejected.


In other news, we cross-country skiied SIX KILOMETRES today. That’s right. Most of which was uphill. Three kilometres of which I dragged behind my little skiing buttocks a sled full of not one, but two children. Then upon arriving home, I promptly collapsed into a slumber of Sleeping Beauty proportions for two and a half hours.

Also this week, Ella lost another tooth and learned to ride a bike without training wheels. Damn childhood goes by past. Tim has already started googling ‘constructing chastity belts.’

What an incredibly disorganised blog entry. I’m tempted to edit but…nah. There’s the latest episode of Lost to catch up on. Ciao!

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