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Quick update from the land of apples

I’ve gotta be super-quick: I’m just ducking in straight after a very lovely radio interview with Huon FM (yes, we got it all sorted out). We chatted comedy and I sang a bit of my “Bub’s in the Cradle” song – afterwards we even had a caller ring in to say ‘good one’ and that he’s coming tonight!

Last night, made the most of a pretty average crowd at the Casino Sports Bar in Hobart. It was actually really fun – the fact the noisy bar was full of absolutely no comedy fans whatsoever just took the pressure off and I just resolved to have a good time, bantering with the crowd and saying hello to the array of people who used the front of stage as a walkway. (I believe I actually called after a very elderly woman who walked past ‘If you want, I’ll sign a nipple.’) Oh yeah. I’m all class.

I car-pooled with Huonville local Kevin Kopfstein, who it turns out is quite a fascinating lad. He’s Scottish, has performed for years, done both the Edinburgh and Melbourne Comedy Festivals, ran a successful room called “Laughing Gas” in Adelaide for several years, has written a sitcom funded by South Australian Film Commission…and he’s hilarious.

To top it off he’ll even be MCing the Franklin gig tonight. This, combined with a plethora of posters, the radio interview and a nicely sized (though pretty much copy-and-pasted-off-my-press-release) article in Tassie’s major newspaper The Mercury…I’m feeling really positive about tonight!

My last gig of the tour.

A combo of excitement and sadness.

I think I’ll just shed a happy tear or two.

Am stressing a bit as I still haven’t sorted babysitting for tonight, so I may end up just taking the kids with me. Ella would love it, Caleb would be insane, but hey…I do love hecklers.

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