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Quick Catch-Up: Car Crash (Another One) and unadulterated Draw Something genius

My little rockstar with his bestie, cousin Noah.

Please forgive the slack blogging of late. Friday just gone, both myself and the little Cass-meister were in ANOTHER FREAKING CAR CRASH. Ugh. I cannot believe it. I do confess I believe I that mere moments after impact I yelled out the exact words “Are you f****ing kidding me?!”

Seriously. Really? Grrr.

The good news is it was not nearly as traumatising as the head-on collision of 2010; this one was a pretty seriously violent rear-ender, us having the back of our car taken out by a poor young p-plater. I really felt bad for her; she made a stupid mistake, seemed genuinely gutted about it, especially when she saw me pull littlest out of the car, I stood there in disbelief while she started crying and I involuntarily gave her a hug, trying to comfort her and Cass together. Mother Hen is apparently my default “in shock” setting.

Anyhoo, it tops off quite a crazy year thus far.  I am sore and bracing myself for more physio shortly. Aye carumba.

I will return to my regular blogging schedule shortly.

In the meantime, please entertain yourself with these stunning displays of my Draw Something genius.

You’re welcome.




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