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Post-Easter Blues

Or maybe it’s just the nausea kicking in from ingesting illegal amounts of chocolate.

Never mind.

I’m just stoked cos we managed to get through it – I was worried because in typical Comic Mummy style, I left all the easter-egg buying until the day before Easter. Meaning that:

– given that we were away at Mt Tambourne for the weekend I had no choice but to buy them at the one and only shop that was open and had eggs for sale, meaning that: – I had to pay stupid amounts of $$ for the damn things, plus: – Ella insisted on coming in with me.

She then insisted on putting all of them into the fridge when we got back to the apartment. So there I was thinking “Oh no!!! It’s going to come morning, she’s going to recognise 100% of the so-called Easter Bunny’s treats as being the ones we bought at the shop, and it’s all Hasta la vista, bunny. Tim was all for it. “If she asks, we’ll just tell her the truth. I never believed in the Easter Bunny anyway.”

“But what if she asks about Santa then?” I was getting upset.

“We’ll just tell her the truth.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We can’t destroy all the magic of these things in a five minute period! That’s not fair! She’s only four!”

Anyway, aside from a midnight nature call when Ella noticed Tim snoring in the dark corner, took a short breath and exclaimed: “Is that the Easter Bunny?” the night was uneventful.

Then at the crack of dawn, she bounced out of bed and jumped out to the eggs that awaited. She was super-excited, but then looked perplexed.

I held my ‘everything’s fine’ grin and waited for it.

She ran to the fridge and looked inside, then inhaled sharply.

“Oh NO!!!!!!”

“What honey?” I asked, trying to keep it cool.

She looked up at me with genuine concern. “The Easter Bunny took ALL our eggs out of the fridge!”

Happy Easter y’all.

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