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Poopedness, columns and a little bit of stage-mothering

I’m pooped. But in a good way. We just had the amazing honour of having our first overnight stay away as hubby and wife sans kids in 8 months. Woot! Timmy came down with me to Calgary, where I performed in my very first show with the ever-amazing Loose Moose, then spent the next 24 hours coming down from that high by hanging out with my fellow moosers Steph and Jeremy (who very kindly lent us their couch), then pottering about snowy Calgary for the remainder.

Ah, sweetness.

So in the absence of anything more substantial, here’s the latest column up if you please.

Oh, oh, oh! And while I stopped posting photos of my kids on here a while ago, if you’re uber-keen, you can check out the front page of the newspaper here: my daughter is on the front page. A cover-girl at age 5. Oh boy. What the heck are we in for? 😉

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