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Photos of the promised land

I’ll divulge all the bits and pieces soon enough, at the moment I’m kinda ‘written out’ but here are the photos, as promised, of my little piece of loveliness for the next week. For those writ

Oh, oh, PS I read on this fantastic blog about ScriptFrenzy! a scriptwriting festival/motivator on at the moment which you might also like to be part of. Just a thought!

Okay, now bring on da photos!

Left: the view from the balcony. Presuming, of course, that I’m standing in front of you with my arm outstretched.

Right: One of this studio’s previous ‘tenants’ wrote in the guestbook “The secret is to lie on the couch, stare out at the forest and wait. The art will come. Or sleep will.”

And finally…introducing my new best friend. (Sorry Frankie, you’ll always be number 1 in my heart, but the piano’s in the same country as me, damn it!!!)

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