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Photo update from LA LA land


My hostest with the mostest, Natasha!


My precious…


Kick-ass lady, new soul-sister, producer of the celebrity improv show last night and daughter l’extraordinaire of my wonderful mentor Gary Austin, Audrey Moore.


The improv show last night “Gary Austin and Famed Friends” at The Groundlings. Twas awesome. On centre stage is Gary Austin himself, far left is Helen Hunt (whose hand I shook much to my tremendous and very un-cool excitement.)


Natasha and I inside the Groundlings Theatre.


Much to my delight, at interval I heard a cry of “Jenny!” and turned around to see fellow improviser Craig, whom I met at last year’s improv retreat in New York. Reunited with my onstage husband! Lovely!


More of the show. I was so inspired and excited, I felt like very improviser does when they see a great show: the desire to JUMP UP WITH THEM!


A lovely lady I met backstage, who, as it turns out, played a part in one of my favourite movies EVER from my high school days, “Overboard!” Have you guys seen that movie? Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are adorable. Now I wanna go see it all over again!

I’ve lost count of the number of celeb encounter stories I’ve heard since I got here. The reality that EVERYBODY in LA is in showbiz certainly seems to ring true thus far. As does horrifying traffic.

My training starts in ernest tomorrow. And I am chomping at the bit.

Stay tuned!

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