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Performing in New York: check

Tonight I did my first stand-up gig ever in the US of A and it went great! I wasn’t expecting much, given that pretty much the entire room was full of comedians only, 98% of whom were men, but by the end of my set the whole room was clapping along with a couple of young African-American guys actually dancing to my song.

So with Vinka having been caught on tape (and yes Leon, as you’ve requested I will post a photo soon – I took one tonight on Liz and Andrew’s camera but alas, alack, am missing the crucial cord to upload it) and now having performed a stand-up gig in NY, I feel like two significant goals of my trip have been achieved and that a weight has been lifted. Now I can just relax and enjoy (which Liz and I did, with $3 margheritas at a nearby Mexican spot.)

Spent the rest of the night trekking over the Brooklyn Bridge (amazing views of the city) and then checked out the World Trade Centre site – very sobering.

Tomorrow is my last day of the first level of training with Second City, and once evening comes, I’m a-leaving on a jet plane to none other than…LAS VEGAS!

I do hope neon lighting is flattering.

Meanwhile, here’s a little snippet off Brooklyn Bridge. If you want it.

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