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Opportunity for you funner buggers out there… is looking to establish itself as a place where talented humor columnists, both seasoned and novices, can post some of their original (real or fiction) and previously unpublished stories/narratives. We are fairly new, and fairly poor, so to start we are offering $1 to writers whose submissions we post on the site. If your submission is really funny, it will be put to a vote with other really funny submissions from that week. If voted funniest article of the week, you win $20. As the site continues to gain momentum, we are hoping to increase the prize money that we can award to our talented writers. With your support, more traffic = more clicks on our ads = more prize money we can pay out. If you have a site that you want to promote, we are happy to accomodate by placing a link to your site with any submission we post. If you have any other ideas how we can help eachother out, we are all ears! Thanks very much!

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