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Operation Focus! Ideas & Projects for the Coming Year

Small Hands Big Hearts I’m so excited to announce the start of a whole new project – the one I’ve been teasing you about in mild amounts, the one that’s on my bucket list, etc. etc. My sister-in-law and I have started up a new undertaking called ‘Small Hands, Big Hearts‘, focusing on working with our kids to make a difference in the world. We’ve got HUGE dreams for this thing – not the least of which is a not-too-distant trip abroad with the kidlets to do some volunteering, plus some other very cool ideas (if anything our problem right now is just being overwhelmed with both the need in the world and the possibilities) but anyhoo, we’ve made a start with the new world-changing device…the humble blog. You can check out deets over here.

Writing a Humorous Parenting Column I am itching to land myself a column, itching, I tell you! Ever since writing one in Canada – what a brilliant experience that was – and really seeing for myself how much the discipline of a weekly deadline did for my creative output (not to mention actually fuelling my life even moreso with the lens of a writer’s eye), I’ve been wanting to get back on that horse.

Sitcom So I’ve had this idea buzzing round in my little ole head for a while now; we have a fantastic location to shoot it in too (taking more than a passing note of advice from Rob Rodriguez’s “Rebel Without a Crew”, where he advises creating production value out of what you’ve already got access to!) – I need to just set a deadline to shoot the pilot and make the rest happen. Deadlines, people. The secret is deadlines.

Comedy and Fringe Festivals I am making a conscious effort to focus the performing side of my work from this point onward on the festival scene. It works better for my work AND my family. Ding! Ding! I will be applying for lots and lots of festivals for 2012! On my radar include Sydney Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, Brisbane Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Hollywood Fringe, New York Fringe…it’s all a bit mad, really. But my philosophy is to apply for them, see which ones stick and go from there. Very. Damn. Exciting. (And expensive). But for now, let’s just focus on exciting.

Travelling abroad I’ve got the LA trip coming up this year (still unsure of the timing on that one right now – may well be July/August, but depends on some extra funds! Otherwise there’s a small possibility we might make it over later in the year, will see!) I’m also desperately trying to see if I can swing a stint in London and/or Edinburgh this year to check out Edinburgh Festival and do a few guest spots while I’m at it. I made some rather nice connections at Adelaide Fringe with folks who offered to hook me up with some comedy spots over in London town, so am very keen to make it happen if possible!

Comedy Cabaret in West End I’m very excited about this idea – it’s one I’d just toyed with i.e. running a variety cabaret night where I can MC it, experiment with my solo improv stuff (including musical improv) in the process, and encourage really experimental and cool different acts, from characters to performance poetry and everything in between. Anyhoo, thanks to some encouragement from fellow creative peeps, this idea has gathered unexpected early momentum and thus is gonna be taking shape very, very soon, kicking off in fact, with the first one as part of the very cool indeed Anywhere Festival! Save the date (if you’re in Brizzles, if not, carry on…) Saturday May 7th. It’s gonna be grand.

Tour bus Not that this is necessarily on my agenda in the immediate future, but hot DAMN. I want a family friendly tour bus. On every continent. It is my DREAM……!!! Slobber, slobber, gurgle…

I have many more ideas actually. But I think this is quite enough for right now.

What about you? What ideas are prodding at you, making your tummy rumble and your hair stand on end?

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