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Ooh, baby baby it’s a wild world…

After reading this post on Rockstar Mommy, I have made the rash (yet I prefer to consider it rash-ional) decision to remove all photos of my kids from my photo collection available here.

I’m not going to comment any further on the sick state of the world that even makes this an issue – there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t really already been said anyway – but suffice to say that this now means a few things for CM readers, namely either:

a) Nothing. You don’t give two rats nipples’ about the photos anyway.

b) A minor disappointment, given how super-super cute my kids happen to be and how much you enjoy seeing them evolve. Ah. Sometimes I wish I could simply enjoy them only in the silence of image form too….

c) A major catastrophe, leaving you with a Comic-Mummy’s-kids-shaped-hole in your heart. If that really is the case then you are either:

i) a fruit-loop, in which case my reasons for doing this are justified; OR ii) a friend (and that includes blogging buddies!), in which case please just drop me a line and I can add you to my flickr friends and/or just make sure you’re hooked up with me on Facebook. I’m happy to keep posting but only to fam and friends now. That’s right – I may pimp out my babies, but from now I’m keeping it in da hood. Or something.

Who did I say was the fruitloop?

*PS This also means that most of the flickr photos are now going to be of me, thus exposing my madly inflated ego for what it is. Yikes…I’d better start taking more landscapes…

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