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Onstage Birth: here’s hoping.

Okay, okay, so Canada’s political scene might be in crisis right now, but that’s nothing, NOTHING, I tell you, compared to the nuttiness that’s been going on in this family of late.

Moving, unpacking, fighting the conflicting urges to hug and kill everybody at the same time thanks to ever-burgeoning pregnancy hormones…oh yeah, and we got a dog.


So yes, apologies for the massive space between entries. It does feel so good to be missed – I never thought I would have the opportunity in this lifetime to empathise with a semicolon, which I myself miss (or is that, mis-use?) on regular occasion, but there you have it. Life is an unpredictable wonder.

Forgive also the random ramblings of incoherence. Again, I plead pregnancy. On which note, I’m hoping to keep on rocking out onstage with Loose Moose for all of January and perhaps even beyond. The point is I want to keep on going til the baby pops his/her head, arms, feet and other hopefully-present appendages. Better still, I hope it happens onstage – it would be such a fabulous moment for my memoirs, not to mention brilliant publicity for the theatre. Oh yes,  improvised birth…ain’t nothin’ like it.

So for now, adieu and pass the gas.

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