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On My To-Do List Right Now

Image courtesy of tmray02

1. Decorate my office! I can’t believe it, I’ve had it for over a week now yet the walls are still bare. It has a desk (SHAZAM!) and a chair (KAPOW!) thanks to the lovely fairies at Metro Arts. I’ll take some photos in the next couple of days and post them here – perhaps you have suggestions, internet? What else are you good for?

2. Finish several grant applications. At least I’m sorting stuff out – I have quite the mega plan for 2011 BOIHAHAHAHA! – and with help from Liz Burcham at Metro Arts, am being coached through the process as part of their BizArtsMakers program. Dig.

3. Find something to wear for my first ever movie premiere! AGGGGHHHH! As I mentioned a while back, my hubby dearest was the on-set tutor on the French/Aussie co-production “The Tree” starring the very lovely Charlotte Gainsbourg. Well…the red carpet gala schamoozle is happening this Saturday night and so I’m on a desperate mission to find me some bling! Or failing that, will just stop in at the butcher on the way through and don a Lady Gaga style creation.

4. Buy a pressie for Little Miss 8’s teacher who’s finishing up to have a baby. Oh, the pressure of looking like a ‘together’ mother. Sigh.


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