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On Limited Time Improving Your Productivity: What I DON’T Mean!

In response to my post: “How Limited Time Can Improve Your Productivity: Part II”, Comic Mummy reader Stacie posted the following comment:

I am going to try and implement some of them and try and become more of a busy person!

Agh! This freaked me out. Nothing personal, Stacie, purely my bad.

But this is a good thing because it’s given me a chance to clarify something, something very, VERY important!

I am absolutely, unequivocally, undoubtedly NOT – with a capital ‘not’ – suggesting for one second that anybody should be trying to make themselves busier. Hells to the no! The last thing I would ever wish to do, even inadvertently, is put more pressure on anybody in this world to be teeing themselves up with more commitments, obligations and stress-triggers. I don’t know how to better word it than this: NO! NO! NO!

I have NO, as in ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH (I’ll stop yelling now) to turn you from this:

*Image courtesy of D.A.K. Photography

To this:

*Image courtesy of Dave F

What I am saying is that if you already are busy – notably if you have children, which is basically synonymous with ‘busy’ from where I sit – then you can look on the bright side, in that it is actually possible to be even more productive (so long as you’re armed with some strategies to make it happen) than you might be if you were blessed with eons of time at your disposal. (Note the wording of “disposal”…i.e. there to be WASTED!)

Does that make sense?

So in conclusion, thanks for the comment. I just don’t want to be misunderstood.

After all, nobody likes feeling like a teenager.

Not even teenagers.

*Image courtesy of Watt Dabney

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