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Okay, it’s getting exciting now.

I just had my last stand-up gig before I head to the US of A. It was good. Especially cos this place really looks after their comics – pats on the back and free beer. What more could you want?

Plus…a kind benefactor who shall remain anonymous (from herein said benefactor shall be referred to as “Sugar Daddy” though that title is extremely deceiving on every count) has offered to pay for proper accommodation – i.e. not crashing on people’s couches but actual real hotel accommodation just a block away from where I’ll be training – in New York.

And I managed to track down a dear old mate of mine from uni days who’s going to actually fly into Las Vegas the same weekend I’m there…rest assured by the time we’re done with it the Boulevard will be scarlett.

At the risk of sounding like a spoilt little brat…damn life’s good.

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