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Oh what a night…

An absolutely rockin night at the Paddo was had last night, a night so rockin in fact, that the ‘g’ has now been permanently removed from its descriptor.

Don’t bother reading on if you don’t feel like it. I just want to record this for sweet posterity:

– rocked up early to meet up with my mates Kel and Sam, who have only just gotten back from an 18-month globetrotting stint, only to firstly bump into Ang and Izzy, two of my favourite girlies in the entire world (we used to live together in a mad sharehouse – as if there’s any other kind). Beers were clinked. ROCK.

– performed in what turned out to be a wicked night at the Sit Down, where the reunion expanded to include my fellow comedic mate in crime Damien Power, then my dear hubby surprised me by showing up and joining in the after-show merriment upstairs. DOUBLE ROCK.

– enjoyed hanging with some of the funniest people in the world. One thing that eats at me about this crazy jam-packed existence is that there’s really only two sides to it: performing and family. Both of which kick buttocks in their own way, but sadly I feel like I’ve let the friendship factor fall by the wayside a bit. I hate myself for it, but the state of things of late is that unless mates come to gigs or we catch up with the kiddlies – not exactly conducive to deep and uninteruppted conversation – I really don’t see any of them anymore. So to spend last night with people who make me laugh more than anything – official and unofficial comedians included – in off-duty mode no less (both family and work-wise) was just what the doctor ordered.

Timmy, Sam, Kel, Izy, Ang and the respectively bloody brilliant Lindsay Webb and Mickey D: I love yersh.

PS My wonderful Timmy even let me sleep in this morning. PHYSICAL ROCK.

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