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Official Woodford Folk Festival appearances!

YAHOO! I can now officially announce that I will be officially appearing at this year’s officially incredi-bamazeballs Woodford Folk Festival!

I am beyond stoked, the program was released last night and looks brilliant from the little glance I’ve had thus far. This one’s gonna be a cracker for me, personally. Not only am I doing the stand-up stage as per usual, but I’m also teaching an improv workshop, representing at the Great Debate and da, da, da, da…performing a one-off festival special of “The Unexpected Variety Show.

I shall then collapse on top of a pile of dreadlocks while a tender stranger soothes me with chai.

What’s not to love?

Tue 27th Dec 4:10pm Parlour Feature: The Unexpected Variety Show Life is an unexpected variety show. It’s full of mind-blowing highs and soul-crushing lows. There are chapters and turning points. Characters, major and minor. And there are parts you wish would simply end when you’re singing “Things did not turn out the way I wanted …” Jen Wynter is a comedian and actor with a particular penchant for improvised, musical and character comedy (and combinations thereof!) She has three kids, is a wannabe rockstar and is extremely sleep deprived (Adult Themes)

Feature: Woodford Comedy Club Wed 28th Dec 8:30pmParlour Fri 30th Dec 8:30pmParlour Sun 1st Jan 9:30pm Parlour

Fri 30th Dec 5:00pm Concert Stage Feature: Great Comedy Debate: That Opposites Attract Anthony Ackroyd, Fiona Scott-Norman, The Birdmann, Jen Wynter, John Thompson and Sandy McCutcheon debate the old saw ’til wit’s end. Hosted by the delightful Ernie Dingo.

Sat 31st Dec 12:00pm Parlour Feature: Improvised Comedy Workshop Come play with the art of spontaneous comedy. Contrary to popular belief, this is not about being the funniest person in the room, but trusting in your inner funny to show itself while you’re otherwise engaged in having fun.

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