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I’ve realised that yet again, comedy has become more than a fun thing I enjoy – it’s become an obsession. It’s like every minute of the day I’m looking for punch-lines, making notes for material, improvising songs on my head…in short, I can’t find the off-switch.

Oh, and speaking of which…

Come along (if you’re in Brisbane: for those of you in Canada and USA…no pressure)

So yes, comedy. It’s quite an enjoyable obsession, but then I suppose that’s the nature of them, isn’t it?

My hubby has long been flitting from obsession to obsession himself, the latest one (though it has been a recurring issue for many years now) being chess.

So comedy and chess. Both running rife in this household, and both probably pretty harmless when you compare them to the obsessions you could have.

But I’m curious – what are you guys obsessed with? Is it a problem for you, or do you just accept – and embrace – them?

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