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No hard selling here!

So I’ve had a full day with the kids (poor me, poor me, right? Actually, it was surprisingly enjoyable given Caleb’s a bit under the weather) but as I head towards the inevitable madness of dinner/bath/bedtime, I’m sorry to shatter your illusions by revealing that I’m all out of subtlety and wit.

So I’ll just come out with it: my website’s updated a little bit if you want to check it out. No pressure. See, if I was hard-sell I’d be all like:

(twirling hair) “Yesterday my website was a nightmare. But now, thanks to a couple of superficial changes, some textual additions and a couple of new photos, my website is so cool I’m thinking of making two. One for home and one for the boat.”

But I’m not.

Just…it’s there. You know. Do what you want.

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