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Night pass for BrizImprovFest for $15 – Ask Me How!

Just imagine the subject title was printed on a badge right after the “JENNY” and we’re on the same wavelength.


Okay, well for those of you who really are just in this for the deal, here’s the go:

Tonight at BrizImprovFest (details posted below), if you mention the word ‘Spontaneous’ at the door when you buy your tix, and you can receive a night pass (entitling you access to all four fabulous improv shows) for only $15! (Save $10). I’m performing in Gorilla Theatre at 5.30, followed by WIT from New Zealand, the brilliant Rebecca de Unamuno (The Chaser, Comedy Inc) and The Crew’s Instant Musical Odyssey which has sold out shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Secondly, I want to tell you that BrizImprovFest is going off! The crowds, while smaller than we’d prefer, have been very enthusiastic. Last night I caught the last half of the “Theatresports: Australia versus the World” match which combined improvisers from all different troupes appearing throughout the festival. It was so cool seeing people performing together who have only just met and are bound purely by an addictive passion for improvising. And it was very, very funny!

It really inspired me to chill out and just have fun and be joyful for my show – and indeed I did. Fun, fun times. Yet again I’ve come away with reams of notes and ideas on where I want to go from here, but I really must pay tribute to my most best and darling friends Frankie – who did my quite involved musical cues – with complete precision and funkiness. I LOVE YOU! And to Tamsin, my gorgeous, gorgeous friend who came not just to the first preview show a few weeks back, but also to the real deal last night (and lugged along a friend to boot). I heart you muchly also. xxx

Then I sat back and put my entertainment needs in the very capable hands of WIT (direct from NZ) and their improvised romantic comedy Love…Possibly. Again, it reminded me to find the real joy in being onstage – even when things were getting a bit crazy in some of the storylines, you could really tell how much those guys love each other and performing together, and that in turn becomes a real joy for the audience. They completed their first show in Oz to a rousing applause from Brissie punters.

Man I can’t believe the cool and talented people that are here at the fest: TOUCHDOWN!

Details for you:

WHAT: BrizImprovFest, Queensland’s first festival of improvised theatre. Featuring guests from Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, US and Canada, plus Brissie’s best local talent.

WHERE: Metro Arts, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane

WHEN: Friday 22 to Sunday 24 June (see program below for specific times)

TIX: $10 per show or a night pass (all shows on that night) for $25 (or $15 if you mention ‘Spontaneous’ at the door)


Friday 22nd June

TONIGHT! Saturday 23rd June

5.30pm Edge Improv (Brisbane) presents Gorilla Theatre A no holds barred improv contest, where performers strive to be the best director and win the affections of … the Gorilla! Each performer takes their turn directing a scene, after which you, the audience, decide if you want to reward the director…. or punish them! A fully interactive show where emotions get primal!

7pm Wellington Improv Troupe (NZ) presents To Be Continued Will Colonel Black use the gamma-ray blaster on the drippy boyfriend, in the library? Will Gaylene ever find true love? Was the gorgeous dame on the level, or on the lam? Love or murder? It’s YOUR choice. Would you like to see a thrilling suspense, a romantic comedy, a sci-fi adventure, a whodunit, musical or film noir? Come along and call the shots, to see who wins / lives / gets the girl / dies / rides off into the sunset / or sings.

8.30pm Rebecca De Unamuno is…Open to Suggestion Rebecca is a regular on Australian television – featuring in “The Chaser’s War on Everything”, “Kath and Kim”, ‘CNNNNN”, “The Glass House”, “Joker Poker”, “Stand Up Australia” and many more. This show “Open to Suggestion” was a Moosehead Award recipient at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. “De Unamuno’s exquisite talent for creating characters on the spot, as well as a narrative to sustain them, is something to see.” – Daniel Ziffer, The Age 2005

10pm The Crew (Melbourne) presents Instant Musical Odyssey Australia’s longest running and most successful weekly impro group ‘The Crew’ present their SELL-OUT 2006 Melbourne Comedy Festival show ‘INSTANT MUSICAL Odyssey’. A whole show of musical, improvised madness where audience suggestions are taken and hammered into a cogent narrative by ‘The Crew’. Be amazed, be amused, sit in stunned disbelief as you choose the characters and ‘The Crew’ do the rest.

Sunday 24th June

6pm Twisted Melon (Sydney) presents Blank…The Musical After a wildly successful debut run of sold-out shows at Coogee Arts Festival, the inaugural Twisted Melon Impro Festival, and Cracker Comedy Festival, Blank…The Musical hits BrizImprovFest. Gasp in awe as improvisers perform a Broadway-style musical inspired solely on the BLANK filled in the audience. It’s a show with all the melody, harmony, fun and feeling of a regular stage musical – sans script and score.

7.30pm Impro Mafia (Brisbane) presents Iron Improvisor – Best of the Fest See your favourite performers from across the entire festival battle it out together in a contest of wit and skill to earn the right to be crowned an Iron Improviser! Let the Tournament Begin! A glorious spectacle, “Best of the Fest” promises to be an action-packed way end your weekend.

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