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New toys and new goals: I’m going public!

I bit the bullet today and bought a schmicko new keyboard – my new toy, bigger and better than the old one I left behind in Oz – and eagerly awaiting friendship from my fingertips. I’m half tempted to set my alarm a little earlier each morning for some committed practice time…but I’m already so committed to sleep…

This purchase has refreshed my enthusiasm for getting my act together and as such, I’ve decided that my goals for the next little while are:

– to set up a regular comedy gig locally, specifically so I can try out new material as I write it for my new festival show;

– to get a North American agent who will either find me lots of gigs, organise a tour following the Banff Centre residency, kick-start me on the TV route and/or all of the above;


– get some more paid writing work.

Oh well, I’ve gone public with it now – hopefully the fear of shame will drive me towards success. Either that, or towards rehab. Stay tuned!

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