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My first piece of fan-mail!

I just received this ever-so-lovely e-mail from a lady called Amanda who caught my first Melbourne gig last week – I chatted to her from on-stage during my set and she was apparently chuffed enough to drop me a line. Subsequently I am apparently chuffed enough to drop her line into my blog. In fact, I may even be chuffed enough to print it out, frame it and hang it on my wall. Oh hang on…on second thought I take that back. There is no WAY I’m that organised.

Anyhoo, yay for my first ever piece of fan-mail. Even if it’s the last, I’m just so thrilled to have any. How’s that for refreshing un-jadedness?


Hi Jenny,

I just wanted to say a very belated THANKS for being such a funny chick & being proud to be a mummy!!!

Yay, about time some of us did it.

Caught you at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow last Wed (was, wait, am friend of Carolyn Chillura’s) – I’m the chick that had the weird morning & took my 3 year old to uni – the 3 year old who is obviously incredibly intellegent (or who has a mummy who is incredibly stressed!)

Really enjoyed it and wish there were more out there like you!

Am bribing and throwing some tanties in order to try to get out & catch you again whilst you’re still in Melb! (not looking good at moment, you know, kids, hubby etc etc)

Anyhoo, thanks again & good luck with the rest of your tour 🙂

Amanda xo

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